I'm passionate about events that create new connections. I've worked with some very talented people on the event experience of the 2014 Best Awards evening, and multiple events during my time at the Department of Internal Affairs such as the Assisted Digital Tradeshow. I've also held smaller-scale networking events to help students meet and learn from one-another, helped organise the 2016 Wellington Global Service Jam and have volunteered at local events such as the WIAD Wellington UX conference and Cupa Dupa. You can also read my thoughts about my recent experience of the design conference Webstock, here.



I have planned and facilitated a diverse range of workshops; from co-designing a first-day experience with Wellington High-school students, to helping diverse teams solve complex problems at the 2015 (Wellington) Gov Jam and the 2016 (Wellington) Global Service Jam. I also want to help others learn how to run workshops themselves, which I recently explored in my Workshop-Workshop at Massey University.