customer research

Through my work at the Department of Internal Affairs and DNA, I've been involved in customer interviews to help clients understand their goals, challenges and needs - you can read about my insights from a recent customer research trip here. I have also facilitated co-design workshops and run usability testing sessions to refine designs and functionality to best meet customer needs.


sustainable services

Through my work at DNA, I'm developing my skills in the design of services and aligning organisational goals with customer needs. We often work with government agencies to do this kind of work, which I explored in this blog post. My final year university project, 'Cross', also gave me a small taste of creating sustainable services. I prototyped networking events, student-run workshops, pop-up spaces and online groups to connect cross-year and cross-discipline students so that they could learn from each other. 17 students in the year below expressed interest in carrying on the project, which is now transitioning into it's third generation.